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Serving Those Who Serve

Serve Abroad is a Bolivian Foundation founded by María Eugenia Ureña (Mauge). It seeks to empower, serve and give resources to organizations or individuals that serve disadvantaged people in Bolivia.

Piece of artwork made by interns who seek a life with justice and would like to see their right s defended.
Juevenile Detention Center - Art work by interns

We believe that most resources people need are training, education and educational tools that will lead people to reflect, question, think about their reality and propose creative solutions to their problems.

Educational activities Juvenile Detention Center

We believe people can change their reality, we believe many social projects do their best, they just need a friend who encourages them, who is there to give them a hand when needed providing people or tools for them to do a better job, maximizing their resources and making their efforts worth it.

Books donated for our educational projects

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